FEMA Community Insurance Outreach

Hello Waterside Estates Residents

 I wanted to follow up and touch base in regards to an email I sent on 2/13/2019. FEMA is reaching out to the communities in hopes of educating individuals about Flood Insurance. I had attached several links for the HOAs/Community Sites and offered publications for distribution. (please see the links to the PDFs)

Many HOA/Property Management sites post emergency information/numbers on their community website. We are hoping you would consider doing the same. In the event you would like to distribute FEMA Flood brochures at a meeting, we would be happy to bring some to you.

Here is the primary link for consideration of posting on your site and the HOAs community sites.


NFIP Public Awareness Order Form

FEMA NFIP Brochure (Spanish)

National Flood Insurance Program Fact Sheet

FEMA NFIP Brochure

I would be happy to answer any questions you may have and would appreciate it if you could let me know the outcome.


Theresa Schauweker, CFM
Hazard Mitigation Management Coordinator
FEMA Region VI DR 4332
Houston Branch Office II