Just a quick update, several projects have been completed around the neighborhood! The 2020 HOA Board has been working hard and here are some of the highlights. We will continue updating this page as we complete new projects.

Tennis courts

  • Courts have been resurfaced and repainted. New LED lights have also been installed. (Pictures below)
  • New electronic entry system into the tennis courts (and the pool) is in the works and should be coming in the next few months. Residents who are registered for access will receive an electronic key / fob to enter both the tennis courts and the pool


  • New kiddie cushion mulch has been added as well as a new drinking fountain. (Pictures below)


  • Trees around the neighborhood are getting their fall trimming
  • New fall flowers are going in the week of October 19th

Trash cans

  • 11 new trash cans have been replaced around the neighborhood with green metal trash cans (These were replaced at the beginning of October). (Pictures below)

Christmas decorations

  • New holiday lighting and decorations have been ordered for this year! 

HOA Projects