Irrigation System
Taylor, Bernie and Katie have been working on fixing the entire irrigation system within our community. We took action after noticing a rather large water meter reading at various meter points and of course a very large water bill. Katie captured all data from EDP and was able to import them into a program to determine water usage per month per meter point. Based upon this data, we were able to determine very high water usage points versus very low points. From there, we needed to determine the cause for the leaks and therefore decided to turn the water off at these points. And of course, with these various leaks, we had landscape dying due to over watering or not enough watering.

We consulted with various professional irrigation companies to determine how to go about fixing these issues. In order to budget the costs of the repairs, we decided to go with a company that recommended we fix it in sections.

In order to fix the entire system, we decided to shut off all the water at the various meter points so that we could fix each one and then turn them on one at a time. By doing it this way, we could monitor to ensure each zone was functioning correctly. As with any irrigation system, you fix one area and the next weakest link will erupt.

This project is ongoing and I will provide updates as they are provided. The entire board is meeting on this project between monthly meetings to ensure everything is on track. Taylor is meeting with the irrigation company almost weekly.

We ask all residents to report any leaks they may see in the neighborhood. There are only 5 of us so we need all the eyes and ears we have in our community. If you see a leak please report it: 

Report an Irrigation Leak 

Fence Staining
Bernie has been in charge of the fence staining project. He has been meeting with various vendors on cost and completion time. Bids have been submitted to him for review. Once approved, we will notify residents of when staining will begin.

Mason Road expansion
The Board has been working with the County on the expansion project. There are a lot of moving parts here and we are ensuring every piece of the process is documented. Christina, our newest board member, has been assisting as there are a lot of legal terms we are having to review. And with her experience, we are able to ensure we fully understand what is our responsibility versus what is the County’s responsibility.

The Board will be meeting with the Commissioner to ensure everyone is on the same page. We will also request that the Commissioner come to one of our meetings to talk about the project.

No Parking Signs on Wateside Estate Circle
I am working on a project to place “No Parking Signs” around Waterside Estates Circle. These signs will be placed in the common grass areas around the neighborhood. I have driven around the neighborhood to locate starting and ending points. I am working on putting all of this together into a visual to share with residents. These visuals will be hosted here so everyone can review.

HOA Projects