​New Lawn Service
Waterside Estates HOA is working for you to maintain and improve the appearance of our subdivision. The new lawn services started on June 1 and are charged with the responsibility of maintaining HOA common property. The standard for the HOA is weekly mowing and edging.

The lake is owned by MUD118. They maintain all of their common property. As a rule of thumb, their property starts at the lakes edge and continues to the sidewalk. MUD 118 standards are different from ours. Their mowing and edging schedule is once every two weeks.

This has been a very wet summer and as you all know our grass is growing very fast. Many communities in the area are facing similar challenges in keeping the lawns trimmed as we do. We will at all times continue to due our utmost to continue working for you and maintaining our standards. 

Next meeting for HOA homeowners
There will be no June meeting due to vacations and work obligations. The next HOA meeting will be on July 25, at 6:00pm, at the Pecan Grove Volunteer Fire Department.

4th of July Celebration
Waterside Estates honored our Independence Day with a spirited parade and spectacular fireworks. The HOA Board would like to thank everyone who participated in the planning, execution and monetary donation in this years very successful 4th of July Celebration. Everyone that contributed needs to be congratulated. We as a community came together and made this a great success.  This demonstrates what Waterside Estate residences can achieve when they work together. It was a great celebration of our Nation’s Declaration of Independence 242 years ago.

~ Way to go Waterside Estates ~

Yard of the Month
Winners for the month of June are:
Gricelda Sapon  - 4814 Mission Lake Court 77407
Dilip Jhaveri  - 4326 Millers Creek Court 77406
Curtis Dunigan - 4002 Frost Lake Drive 77406

​Congratulations for the winners with the best landscaping.

Fences Update

As a new board we are cognizant of keeping the Waterside Estate homeowners abreast of the work we are doing for you.  Many times, complex issues arise and have taken many paths. For many years the HOA boards have been working to resolve the fence issues.  There are several different issues concerning the fences due to their locations.  Each one has a different set of circumstances and requires a new approach to achieve a solution. There is no one approach that will work in every situation.

In April, with a new set of eyes looking at the preexisting concerns, we believed that a solution was imminent.  The legal option was first delivered to the entire board and approximately three weeks later presented to the community.

Sadly, as it was discovered this week, the solution did not materialize as originality anticipated.  This is a setback, but by no means a discontinuing or slackening of our efforts to reach a resolution for you. Being homeowners ourselves, we share the common apprehensions and expectations with all of you, our friends and neighbors. We continue, both now and in the future to focus our efforts to the community’s concerns. With renewed energy and enthusiasm.

The HOA board may not always agree on every issue, but with finding a fair resolution, we are in total agreement.  We will continue to ask questions and leverage the local government for new resolutions to the current situations. We will report to you our effort and ask that you join with us in reaching a common solution to issues as they present themselves.   

Very Best Regards,

David J. Woods

4th of July Celebration

The 4th of July there will be a DJ playing music at the pool at 6:00pm and a Parade and Fireworks starting at 7:00pm at the pool. All are welcome to come and celebrate. Please click here for details. 

The shredding event was very successful. There were 65 residents that dropped off their documents and material to be shredder. This is the first time that the school’s back parking lot was used. Everyone was very pleased that this location was used.

The pool is now officially open! The Ice Cream Social held on Saturday had 235 people in attendance. This was the largest officially pool opening to date. The free Ice Cream was supplied by your HOA and all had fun. 

Pool Tag and Pool Hours

If you need a pool tag, click here.  For pool hours, click here.

​​​​The HOA board is working for all our residences. Thank You!!

All official HOA Board updates are on www.watersideestates.com, all other information found on message boards and social media may not be credible and are not authorized by the Waterside Estates Home Owner Association. 

​​​Best Trash is the trash pickup provider for Waterside Estates
Best Trash picks up trash in the community on Monday (recycling & trash) and Thursday (trash).

Tennis Court key form

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2016 Final Audit report

Please click here to access the 2016 final audit report. 

Fort Bend MUD 118 Town Hall Presentation for 2017

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