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Pool Opening and Ice Cream Social

On Saturday May 26th 12pm to 2:00pm celebrating our Pool Opening with an Ice Cream Social.  If you would like to attend, please register in the Social events section (click here).  The reason we need to have you register it to make sure that we have ordered enough Ice Cream for everyone and help us plan for future events.

When you pre-register, you name will be put on a list. So, when you arrive just give us your last name and we will check you in.  Registration begins on Monday, May 21 and ends at 6:00 PM on Friday May 25. 

If you are not able to register, bring your pool tag or Driver’s License and join us on Saturday May 26th and join your neighbors for our Ice Cream Social and enjoy swimming in the pool.

If you need a pool tag, 
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Tennis Court
I received a call from a resident that the lock at the Tennis Court was not working last night. After an inspection, it was discovered it was not working due to vandalism. Something has been placed inside of the lock and it is not operable. This is not the first time this season we have seen vandalism at the Tennis Court. 

About two weeks ago, a young lady was locked inside of the Tennis Court. After several anxious moments, she was finally rescued by the Volunteer Fire Department. It was found that the lock was tampered with by the use of a fork, wedged inside the lock mechanism. She gained entry and the door locked behind her. 

We have witnessed a fair amount of vandalism at the Tennis Court this season.  Please ask around the neighborhood for anyone with information about the vandalism to report it.

The Flags  
Update on the flags at Mason road north of Hwy. 99. The Texas flag pole has been fixed and the American flag is now flying from that pole. This is temporary until the the other flag pole is replaced. This should be happening within the next two weeks. 

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2016 Final Audit report

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