​Tennis Court key form

2018 Pool Schedule and Pool Tag Information

Pool Schedule

Weekends Only Now (excluding Labor Day):  Saturday 10 am-8 pm /

     Sunday 12 pm-8 pm / Labor Day (Monday) 10 am-8 pm
August 18th and 19th
August 25th and 26th
September 1st, 2nd and 3rd*
September 3rd is the last day the pool will be open until next season.

​To obtain pool tags, go to www.crest-management.com and complete the pool registration form on the home page. Pool tags will be mailed to residents upon receipt and verification of the request form and appropriate fee. In order to obtain pool tags for access to the pool facility and use of the other amenities within the community, you must be current on your maintenance fees. Tags will not be issued if you have a balance on your account. You may request a maximum of two
tags per household. The cost per tag is $3.00. You may also request a tennis court key. Tennis court keys are $5.00 per key. You do not need to purchase tennis court keys yearly; therefore, if you already have a key, you are not required to purchase another key for admittance into the tennis courts.

Pool tags/tennis court keys will be issued via regular mail. Upon receipt of the completed registration form and appropriate fee, your application will be processed and the requested tags/keys will be mailed to you via regular mail.

Please note; if you come to the Crest Management office to pick up pool tags/tennis court keys there will be an additional fee charged of $20.00, therefore, please make every effort to request tags in a timely manner to ensure tags are received by the opening day of the facility. You will be required to wear your amenity tag when using any of the facilities (Pool, Tennis Court and Lake). Each amenity tag will allow you to bring a maximum of 5 guests into the facility.

Pool parties can be booked through the pool company, A-Beautiful Pools. You can book a party by visiting
http://www.a-beautifulpools.com. If you have any questions regarding a pool party reservation, please don't hesitate to contact ABeautiful Pools at 281-376-6510.

If you have any questions regarding obtaining pool tags you can contact Crest Management at 281-579-0761.


Pool Information