Resignation of HOA President and Addition of new Board Member

  • David Woods decided to resign due to personal reasons. The Board accepted his resignation and are actively looking for a replacement.
  • Updates will be posted on this process.

What has been completed?
Irrigation Issues

  • A leak from under the sidewalk at the stop sign at Parker Lake and Charlotte Lane has been fixed.
  • Sprinkler valves that were turned on around Waterside Estates Circle that were causing leaks have been turned off. We are keeping them turned off until the valves are repaired
  • Sprinklers around the pool have been adjusted and set correctly, preventing excess water collection and flooding in the area

Flag Pole

  • Many residents may have noticed the American and Texan flags were not lowered to half-staff on the Village side. This was due to a broken pulley on the Texan flag pole. The pulley has been repaired and the flags are now at half-staff.
  • Flags will remain at half-staff until December 31, 2018

Ongoing Projects and Repairs


  • Landscaping concerns are being reviewed with the current landscaper.
  • Due to the state of the irrigation system, the landscaping replacement/repair will follow the irrigation repairs in each section.​

Irrigation repairs

  • Process has begun to obtain (3) bids for the repairs in the irrigation system. Working closely with Crest Management on this vetting process
  • If (3) bids are not attainable, we would like at minimum (2).
  • Work will be completed in phases to ensure for proper budgeting (higher priority items fixed first)



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