Hello Waterside Estate Residents -

As the acting Communications Lead for the HOA Board, I am creating this "official Waterside Estates" updates web page to post ongoing updates on hot topics and activities in our community. I will be using this page as way to provide you, our residents, a high-level progress report of all the key milestones we have completed and updates on major projects.  Thank you and I do hope everyone finds this information helpful.

-Mitch Patel

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  • Pool and Tennis locks - We are looking into electronic locks for the Tennis court and pool. Currently looking at what initial costs would be and ongoing maintenance costs. No decision will be made until entire costs are determined and presented to the board and residents.

    What has been completed?

    Irrigation Issues
  • A missing cover from a round underground pipe on Lewisville was reported to Crest Management on February 7th. It was reported to the HOA board on February 14th. Bernie personally fixed the issue on February 14th within a few hours of receiving notice of the issue. Thank you Bernie for your quick actions on getting this fixed!
  • We have received a digital mapping of our neighborhood's entire irrigation system, very similar to a Google Maps view. View provides a very detailed view of the entire system. We are now working with the various bidders to get a clearer picture on what exactly needs to be fixed and prioritize the work.


  • The ornamental trees and bushes have been trimmed as well as the hedge on West Bellfort.
  • The bushes on the Village side have also been trimmed.

Financial Wins

  • Savings on projects allowed the board to move additional funds into the Reserve Fund.
  • 2018 Operating Fund came in under budget, actuals to be announced at next board meeting.

Ongoing Projects and Repairs

Pool Maintenance

  • Work on the Play Structure for the Pool is currently being completed. Weather caused a slight delay in the schedule. All work should be completed by end of the month.

Irrigation repairs

  • Work continues on completing the various irrigation issues.
  • HOA is also working on how to complete work on the reclaimed water project



What's New